How To Spot A Fake Kanken

Kanken bags are now worn everywhere, and if you’re one of the owner, you’ll proudly wear it every-single-day on any occasion. Kanken is a phenomena, whether you’re in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Europe or any part of the world, you’ll see the fans styling it on the street. With a vast variety of colors selection (and new one’s on every season), you’d wish to own at least two to suit your lifestyle and fashion sense.

Like every most wanted bags, it is unfortunate if you’re conned by the counterfeit bags. Sometimes it is very hard to distinguish if the bag you bought is the real deal or not. Here is the tip we gather to spot on fake Kanken bags.

  • Material

Vinylon-F (Polyvinyl Alcohol), is tough, rough and sturdy material. The first touch on the bag is recognized by its rough surface, if you compare it with the fake Kanken, you’ll notice that most of the fake one’s are a soft, canvas/cloths material. You can tell from afar for fake material is often shiny. This is one of the characteristic the fake one couldn’t replicate.

  • Tags tied on the outside of the bag

Old batches comes with yellow and brown tags. The new batches often comes with brown tags only. Also, the plastic wrap should have a sticker of barcode with color name and coding (coding should be the same on the brown tags, white tag attached to bags inside and on plastic wrap).


  • Brown Tags
The Swedish Royal Emblem on brown tag is colorize and print with details.
Fake Kanken tag is in one color only.
Left is a fake tag, Right is from an original kanken tag.


  • Straps

Top straps handle and shoulder straps should NEVER be glossy. For dual color, straps on the circled part should follow the color of the bag, not the color of the top handle and the shoulder straps.


  • Front Logo

Front logo serve as a reflector during night. Some batches comes with white background on the logo, some off-white. But the sole purpose should be meet; as a reflector (to light) during night.


  • Button

Button on top handle clip should read “WASA 6” at the back of the button, with the fox logo of Fjallraven engraved on it.

Fox engraved on top side and “WASA 6” wording on the back of the button


  • Zips

The zips on main compartment (also on front pocket) should have written Fjallraven (with YKK branding) on one side, and the fox logo on the other side.

FJALLRAVEN written on one side, Fox logo on the other side

That’s all for the tips, guys! Remember, if the price is too good to be true, don’t buy it.

Please buy from Authorized Fjallraven Reseller.

Let us know what you think, or if you have suggestion on the tips!

For Malaysians, you can buy with us! 🙂



88 thoughts on “How To Spot A Fake Kanken

  1. aina says:

    the original name tag inside the bag is in horizontal or vertical? bc I’m curious there are some in horizontal and vice versa

  2. Alison says:

    Hi, I purchased mine from Amazon. The zippers have logo on one side and fox in the other. Everything seems legit though.

    • Tamsin says:

      beware, some amazon kanken are fake. check for off colours. I definitely recommend ordering it from some other company that isn’t where anyone can list anything / order from Fjallraven original website for full trustworthy and real kanken

  3. Daphne Loh says:

    Hello there, may I know have you guys co-operate with lazada online shopping as well? I was planning to get from there but just need to clarify before I make any decision. Thank you so much

  4. Eve says:

    The logo is an off white colour and made from a harder material. I got one of the newer colours o I’m not sure whether they changed their design slightly of if it’s fake

  5. Aime Chan says:

    I bought kanken mini and everything match with original except the tag which is Royal Emblem color is black~ is it fake????? Or old version?

  6. chacha says:

    does the kanken that are said to be from vietnam with the jiangsu fenixoutdoor inc tag are authentic? for the bag itself, every thing is passed in the authenticity test. the buttons, zippers, the reflective logo, everything contains what the authentic should have. just wondering about the tag itself, thank you! (kanken pls reply)

  7. randomperson says:

    I’m planning to buy one in a store(not fjallraven kanken store) but the Swedish Emblem on the tag was brown. Is it fake?

  8. Ammar says:

    Me and my cousin have the same kanken bag and his has a extra zipper and a sweden logo in the inside and mine doesn’t.. So is mine fake? The colour is black and ox red.

    • Bear L. says:

      Hi there,

      Kånken doesn’t have extra zipper inside of the bag. Zipper on main compartment and front pocket only.


  9. Justine B. says:

    Hi! i bought a kanken bag from a thrift store and wasnt if it was authentic. it is a black mini size. the only concern i have is that the button didnt have the “wasa 6” on it. but everything was good except for this. is it fake or not?

  10. Nikki says:

    Hi my bag has everything expect “WASA 6” Is it fake? It passed all the other spots. Instead of “WASA 6” it just has stars all around it

  11. Daniella Garcia says:

    Hi, Ive seen some online seller in instagram selling kånkens at a really cheap price around $36 for the classic ones and i’ve seen some picture of the kanken itself (sellers picture) the tag has some sort of chinese sticker on the tag and when I compared it to my kånken, my kånken doesn’t have it so im really skeptic about the seller even though she sells it for a cheaper price than the real price . I could send some photo’s for you guys to check

    • Bear L. says:

      Hi there,
      We’ve never receives tag with Chinese wordings from our authorised supplier. Best to not purchase any Fjällräven products from unauthorised seller. Kånken rarely sells on discounted price unless it’s promoted throughout the website from Fjällräven authorised retailers. You can check their website for a list of authorised seller around the globe, just type in your country/location:


  12. Jazzy Lemon says:

    I bought what appeared to be a real Fjällräven bag, but some months later the plastic inside lining is ripping to shreds and coming loose and there are small holes where the front pocket is. I have had this about 6 months and am quite disappointed. Is this a common problem with these bags or not?

  13. Alyi says:

    my kanken has everthing, the wasa 6, YKK, the tag, hard material, made in China/Vietnam (mine’s made in China) and whatnot. but i bought it for a tremondously cheap price. do you think it may be fake?

    Thank you

  14. JLP says:

    Hi I bought a warm yellow Kanken mini from a website proclaiming to be a genuine Kanken site having a sale. I paid £46 and it took over 3 weeks with NO contact. I had concerns, didn’t think we’d get it so I bought one from Amazon in the meantime. When it came we compared them and they’re very different (colour material straps and the giveaway was a whole label in CHINESE) The bank says it’s from a Chinese adress ‘that looked suspect ‘. Now I can’t find the website and don’t know what to do? Help please?

  15. pammela says:

    hi, i bought my kanken through a redistributor, and i’ve had it for about 1.5 years now, and the logo is peeling off. I know I’ve put it through a lot of hard use (daily) but I thought it would’ve lasted longer. Every other point you mentioned checks out though!

  16. Maria L says:

    Hi. I bought a kanken and everything looks real but I’ve compared it to my daughters kanken and I notice two differences. 1. On the logo inside mine does not have the Swedish flag. And 2. My stitching inside is different. Do you think mine could be a fake?

  17. Aira Liwanag says:

    My mom bought a Kanken at Lazada. I watched a few videos and read articles to verify if it’s an authentic one. My problems are some of the Kanken tag details inside the bag are missing. The brown tag outside appears to be legit enough, however, I took a closer look and noticed that it has a problem with the writing, the spacing between the words, specifically. Also, I’ve been looking for the brochure that the videos and articles are talking about, but it is given to me without a brochure. The shipping is from China and the tag detail stated that it is made from Vietnam, is it fake or authentic? Thanks.

  18. Jellina Santiago says:

    Hi im planing to buy kanken classic at shopee it’s only 1200 and the fabric is nylon and other detail are seemed to be authentic

  19. qxno says:

    Hello my kanken has all the signs of authentiu except for one thing,the fox on the buttons are all facing in different directions (only one button is facing down like in the picture) besides that all seems to be authentic

  20. Lisa says:

    Hello just bought two bags from as promoted on Facebook – looks a convincing site but transaction advertised in sterling and gone through in yen – is it a genuine retailer? Anyone know? Thanks

  21. Mariëlle says:

    Hey I have a question. I bought this Fjallraven Kraken backpack from someone this week, that claimed that it was real. Everything is the same from the real ones, only one thing, it doenst have a Swedish flag next to detail paper inside the bag. Is it a fake one? Mariëlle

  22. Karin says:

    I bought a kånken kids from I thought it was the official website! But I think it’s a fake. Tag doesn’t have the colour and the stitching is bad. Also, the fabric is shinier than normal.

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  24. Fosca says:

    Hi there everybody! I have noticed that the Fjällraven Kanken has changed a lot of little details in its design—namely the brown external tag, which is one instead of the two that used to be, and some minor changes in both the logo’s design and font. I recieved a black Kanken mini as a gift a couple of days ago and, making all the routine check to spot if it’s authentic or a fake one, I noticed that the Swedish emblem that used to be in one of the external tags is now printed inside the name and adress tag inside. The thing is, the emblem is outstandingly printed, details, colours and all, and I am going absolutely bananas because I cannot find information anywhere regarding this issue. Please, could anybody confirm me whether the new batches have the emblem in said inside tag, or is it just another counterfeit piece? Thank you in advance to those who took the time to get here. 🙂

  25. Maddy says:

    When I bought the bag didn’t recognise the brand but the bag it’s self caught my eye from the very first touch so stylish, simple light and strong and the best thing I loved even more it’s water resistant .just amazing .

  26. Isaac Bian Pengiran says:

    When I bought the bag from Shopee , I noticed that the tag is chinese until I saw this on the tag . It’s called Fenix Outdoors . Is it the original one or the fake one ?

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