Most Sustainable Kånken Ever with Re-Kånken


In August, Fjällräven is adding a new member to the Kånken family of backpacks. A re-invented version of the long-time favourite, Re-Kånken is produced using a closed-loop recycling plan that radically reduces the bag’s environmental footprint. With Re-Kånken, Fjällräven’s design team has created the most sustainable Kånken ever.

  • Re-Kånken gives new life to old, discarded plastic bottles. Practically the entire backpack, (except the buckets, buttons and zips) is made from one single material: recycled polyester (i.e. those discarded plastic bottles).
  • Plus, because the main fabric, lining and straps are all made from the same yarn, Re-Kånken will be much easier to recycle in the future.

But the resource saving doesn’t stop there. Re-Kånken also utilises the dying techniqueSpinDye®. This new technology radically reduces the use of water, chemicals and energy in the dying process.

  • SpinDye®
    The SpinDye® process simultaneously spins and dyes fabrics. This means colour pigments become part of the fibre, delivering greater colourfastness that stands up to light, washing, rubbing, perspiration and even bleach. But the main reason Fjällräven wanted to use this new process was for its environmental benefits. When compared to virgin polyester and traditional dyeing, SpinDye® recycled polyester (PET) uses 75% less water, 67% fewer chemicals and 39% less energy.

Re-Kånken is still the everyday companion with the same ingenious design as the original, only now it’s reinvented from a recycling and recyclable perspective that saves money.

Re-Kånken: re-invented for nature. 

i want re-kanken!

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